…the experience

The primary reason for creating Boucha Kombucha was so non-drinkers would not feel out of place in social situations. Non-drinkers are social beings too, and pubs, restaurants and bars are the social anchors of many communities. That is why it is so important to have a grown-up drink to enjoy with friends – allowing you to share in their experience.

…the look

Presented in a full height wine-style bottle with a fine art label, Boucha Kombucha fits perfectly with the fine dining experience. Beautifully packaged it is the perfect addition when ‘bringing a bottle’ to dinner parties and should always be consumed chilled from a tall stemmed glass.

…the love

We teach our children the importance of sharing from a very young age. Sharing makes other people happy and loved. That’s why we sell Boucha in 500ml bottles. It is easy to share between two or four, and its lightly sparkling champagne quality is ideal for celebratory situations.

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